Case study 2:

One client contacted us recently to arrange for surveillance of her ex-husband (whom we’ll call the target) in a family law custody matter. She alleged he was committing crimes and not caring for their children in his care every second week.

The Family Law Court had (on an interim basis) granted joint custody until the final determination of the case some months later.













In papers filed by the target with the Court, he advised he only worked a small number of hours (to convince the Court he had time to look after the children) and had no other sources of income.

The client agreed to one hour of research prior to the period of surveillance. It revealed the target was a Company Director and identified previously unknown links between him and other entities that greatly assisted the client with her case.

Research also assisted in determining the individuals usual habits, friends, partner, possible assets and their workplace that greatly benefited the investigation.

The revelation in this case the target was a Director (alone) ensured the cost of surveilling him would easily be recouped from future increased maintenance payments.

Surveillance also confirmed the workplace, general hours of work, assets and some criminal activity that we reported to the Police on the client’s (request and) behalf. The Court was also advised of the financial omission in papers filed by the target.


In conclusion:

Most surveillance targets only require a small amount of research prior to commencement of the task and the client is not obligated to approve this request.

By comparison, we’ve also conducted research projects on individuals for corporate clients seeking “due diligence” checks that resulted in comprehensive reports exceeding 400 pages!

Ultimately the amount of research conducted is at the discretion of the client and there are no surprises (bill shock) as to the cost.

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