Adept have been undertaking surveillance for individuals and companies for over 25 years and assisted many clients achieve successful prosecutions over that time.

We have the latest equipment including HiRes DSLR cameras, HD video, covert cameras and other task specific equipment. More than one vehicle is available for the task (if multiple day surveillance are required) so the target does not become suspicious of the same vehicle being used over multiple days.




If you’re looking to have someone surveilled there are a number of matters you need to consider:






Is the surveillance you require legal?

Some clients think investigators can covertly film through the windows of private houses or place vehicle trackers on their partners’ vehicle so the investigator has no chance of losing track of the persons location.

Both of these surveillance methods are illegal (in NSW) and any evidence obtained will generally be inadmissible. The person undertaking this type of surveillance could be criminally charged, and any investigator (in NSW) undertaking a task of this nature could have their investigators licence revoked.



What an investigator can do for you!

We will obtain photographic or video evidence (not audio) of a person in the following circumstances:

  • Driving a vehicle in public, or when it’s parked on private property in plain view of the street,
  • Attending a public gathering, shopping centre, car park, cinema, restaurant etc where the person is not in a private residence,
  • Generally anything in a public area,
  • At their day job performing tasks in the normal course of their work in circumstances where their workplace is a retail shop or area that is easily observed by a member of the public. Tradesmen working on a building site in plain view of the street is one example.

Please note: closed workplaces (e.g. an office not open to the public) require pre-existing employment disclosures with staff before consideration can be given to covert surveillance of staff activities.


Corporate clients:

We will obtain photographic or video evidence (not audio) in the following circumstances (in addition to the types noted above):

  • Obtain evidence of any employee conducting illegal or unauthorised activities,
  • Obtain evidence of employees engaged in unsafe work practices in a public area (or where such surveillance or other form of monitoring forms part of an agreement signed by the employee),
  • Follow a vehicle, vessel or truck – locally, intra or interstate,
  • Obtain detailed HD footage of unauthorised suppliers providing product to your (contracted) clients,
  • Obtain detailed footage of product labels etc (in one recent instance we were able to obtain legible bar code and product labels from stock in a factory 100 metres away without being detected),
  • Check whether franchisee operators are working within their own territory,
  • Confirm or not whether contractors are working within Workplace Safety guidelines, where your company has a “duty of care”,
  • Evidence disproving injuries reported by an employee,


Investigation research:

for one example of why research is recommended prior to the commencement of surveillance. CLICK HERE


Counter surveillance



If you think you are being followed or stalked for whatever reason, we’re able to conduct counter-surveillance on you or your property.

This is particularly beneficial in circumstances where there is a family law, neighbour dispute or AVO application currently before a Court and Police do not consider your allegations worth investigating.

Official reports, photo and video evidence obtained legally can then be used by Police to corroborate your allegations.




Counter surveillance.jpg




What we’ll require to start:

Phone us for a free no obligation chat regarding your concerns. If you wish to proceed we’ll forward you an email with the following:

  • A “profiling document” (where you tell us all you know about the target person(s), attach photos etc),
  • A cost agreement. We always let the client know the estimated cost of an investigation once all the facts are known.

Complete and sign the above documents and return them to us via reply email.

A deposit is required prior to the commencement of any task. We accept MasterCard, Visa, AMEX and PayPal. Surcharges apply to payments via AMEX and PayPal.

The task will not commence prior to receipt of the deposit.


After completion of the surveillance:

The client decides what they want. If you only require photos and/or video to confirm your suspicions (e.g. a cheating partner) this will save you money.

Generally, a report will be provided to the client (unless they advise otherwise). This includes a detailed list of the targets movements, photos and video.

  • An Affidavit for Court purposes can be prepared if requested.
  • An intelligence report for the NSW Police can be forwarded to their office if requested.

Please note the final report will not be provided until final payment has been received.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us HERE.