Research services


Adept has been undertaking comprehensive research and reports for solicitors and Government departments for over 30 years.

We think “outside the square” to deliver top quality accurate information for our clients at generally far better rates than the large investigation companies.

Below are just a few of the investigation tools used by Adept Investigations.



Avenues of enquiry.jpg



We specialise in”

  • locating persons of interest.
  • complex financial investigations involving Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, the USA, and United Kingdom, (specifically encompassing financial scams e.g. offshoots of the “Paradise Papers & Panama Papers”).
  • Family Law surveillance and research tasks.
  • Dating scams to extort money from unsuspecting victims.

In cases that uncover literally hundreds of links, critical connections are identified due to our use of an analyst’s notebook database called “Sentinel Visualizer”.


Sentinel Visualizer.jpg   Sentinel Visualize 2.jpg


All client reports contain hyperlinked content pages for easy access to the source of the information. The basic summary also provides easy access to the same source information to immediately confirm it’s origin via the use of “comments” showing screen dumps of that information next to each part of the report summary.

Solicitors have found this particularly useful in Courtrooms when under pressure to “find things fast”.

So whether you are just after a basic property search or require research, or an in depth analysis and Affidavit for Court, please contact us to discuss your needs.