Real Estate research Australia wide


Adept Investigations have subscriptions to a large number of databases in order to provide clients with historic and/or live real estate data to assist with locating previously unknown assets. This information can be used in civil litigation, including the contesting of wills at probate.



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Searches within Australia:

Property searches are able to be completed within Australia for all States and Territories of the Commonwealth. Information we can obtain includes:


  • The Owner and Lessee names as noted on the Land Title.
  • Their street address.
  • The financial institution that holds any mortgage over the property.


  • Other schedules and notifications, caveats etc.
  • Deed details, and
  • Security interests in goods.



The cost of search(es) is dependant on the State or Territory searched as each (generally) has a different cost structure. Some searches also require a “name search” first, then another for each individual property located.


The turnaround time for searches is 1-2 hours (when searching for property within Australia).


International real estate searches:


Depending on the location, real estate searches are able to be completed online. Some countries can only be completed via the lodgement of a form in that Country (generally resulting in a lengthy delay in obtaining the information).


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Please contact us to ascertain whether the Country you’re interested in searching is available via either method.