Process serving - NSW only



Have you ever had to deal with a person who just doesn’t want to accept service of documents?

Adept specialises in those elusive types that just want to make your life a misery and cost you a fortune.

Your average process server will just go to the front door and leave if there is no answer or someone else says they don’t live there, even though you know they absolutely do.

In matters like this we regularly start about 4am or earlier and wait for the subject to leave. It doesn’t matter if they run. If they’re spotted, all that is required is to drop the papers and advise them they’ve been served.



A few years ago we were tasked with serving papers on a person that had evaded at least half a dozen process servers over a civil court action where the litigant was accused of stealing our clients cattle.

They lived on a farm and could see anyone coming for kilometres towards their property. The evening prior we traversed over a back mountain adjoining the property and waited for morning. The stunned look of a male (target), naked except for gumboots and feeding his cattle was priceless when he was served.

These are only some of the lengths we’ll go to in order to get the job done.


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