Missing Persons Private Investigators in NSW, QLD


Find a missing person:

There are many and varied circumstances in which our clients would want to locate a missing person – some examples include:

  • a loss of contact with someone from the past,
  • to find missing heirs or beneficiaries,
  • to find witnesses for a legal case,
  • to find a person of interest.
  • to reunite with friends, classmates or former colleagues?
  • Debtors that owe you money


We have extensive access to Australian and International private investigation / financial / and other research databases and use the most advanced search technologies to locate a missing person.

Adept guarantees your confidentiality. There is no legal obligation for us to advise the person being sought that he or she is under investigation.


Where to begin?

That depends on the information you already have and what you need to find out. The necessary steps will be fewer if you have the person’s name and you’re just looking for a current address or telephone number.

Names may be unknown for someone looking for an adopted child or for birth parents. In these cases, your search will take more time while contact is made with people you think may assist in the search.




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Abducted children:

Adept Investigations have also compiled a list of things you can do if your child has gone missing or has been removed to another country:

These include: