Do you really know who you are employing?



So you’ve gone through the selection process and think you’ve found the right candidate. They may be the perfect addition to the organisation according to their referees and resume, but in the short space of time taken to interview them, how much do you really know about them.

We were recently tasked with vetting a prospective CEO for a multinational company where the candidate would receive a multi-million-dollar renumeration package.

Everything about the person “on paper” and the interview confirmed they were perfect for the job. Possibly too perfect. The HR manager requested surveillance to verify the information they already knew about the person.

Surveillance ultimately revealed the candidate was regularly visiting a Casino after work and betting in the high rollers room.

The candidate was not offered the job as it was determined (that) if he was prepared to lose a large amount of his own money, what would he do with others?

Even basic “store front” staff can be responsible for the accountability of assets or cash owned by the company. The wrong staffing choice could result in both a systemic loss of income or assets, and/or embarrassment to the organisation as a whole.




Adept Investigations can provide a cost-effective staff vetting process to provide you with the background knowledge you need to make the right staffing choices.

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