Case study - cheating partners


A couple of years ago a female contacted our office with a basic request for surveillance but for a totally different purpose.

Chantelle (not her real name)  until a year earlier had resided in the UK and was to immigrate to Australia with her English boyfriend and get married, have children etc. About two months prior to the planned move they broke up and Chantelle decided to move to Australia herself.

Some time after her arrival she met a man and fell in love, planned to settle down and have children. She was in her mid-30’s and mindful of the complications of having children when she was older. Her concern was that if this relationship did not work out, those complications would accelerate. She didn’t want to have to end up in a 3rd relationship and risk not having the children she absolutely wanted.

On her way to see us she (later stated) she turned the car around three times because she thought she was being stupid, but ultimately met up because she needed to be sure of her relationship.

Although Chantelle was 90% sure this guy was “the one”, he was part of a sporting team that went away every year to “celebrate” the end of the season. Apparently, the previous year there were stories of women and hot tubs in hotels, and one of the guys on the team was known to frequent brothels and was the ultimate “party boy”.

Chantelle questioned her boyfriend about it at the time but he fobbed it off and said it wasn’t true. If it happened, he was definitely not part of it.

So Chantelle’s request was short. Find out if her boyfriend (whilst drunk) was playing around behind her back.

For 14 hours over two nights we followed a bunch of drunken fit blokes and even had a conversation with a couple of them. Apart from killing a few million brain cells, the boyfriend did not play up, yet one girl tried rather hard to get his interest.

The end result was Chantelle was very happy, confident that this was not only the right guy, but she could trust him, and yep, so far, they’ve lived happily ever after.

The moral to the story is never believe that your partner is playing up unless you either see it for yourself, or a PI does (and video/photographs it).