How do you know your partner is cheating on you?


Ever had a gut feeling something is not right with your relationship? 95% of people who do unfortunately end up being right!

Everyone is for the most part the maker of their own destiny. Being cheated on is not only mentally debilitating but can have serious ramifications of you contracting STD’s and finding your financial security will not ultimately be what you thought.

On the brighter side, having us surveil your significant other could actually put your relationship back on track. On occasion we’ve found the clients partner was not actually cheating, removing the anxiety that was causing part of the issue in the first place.

CLICK HERE for one good example of a case we recently undertook.


So what are the signs that your partner may be cheating?


  • They don’t answer their mobile or return calls straight away.
  • They stop using a computer or phone when you are near.
  • They’re not available at work when you call.
  • “Overtime” or working back becomes common.
  • Their clothes have lipstick/makeup or smell like perfume or aftershave.
  • They attend work functions alone.
  • They’re overly inquisitive when asking you about your whereabouts or plans.
  • The laundry is now being taken to the laundromat / dry cleaners.
  • Decreased sexual interest.
  • They won’t allow you to global track your phone (on your pretext that if it went missing it could be easily located).
  • They lock their phone and won’t give you the code to unlock it.
  • Their phone contains suspicious voice-mail and text messages.
  • They delete text messages immediately after sending or receiving them or their SMS inbox is always empty.
  • Strange e-mail messages and deleted e-mail messages.



If you truly believe your partner is cheating on you contact us for a no-obligation free chat about your own personal circumstances.