General information


Who hires private investigators?

Private individuals (not associated with Government or Police Forces). Law firms. Private corporations and Insurance companies.

What do we charge for and how much is it going to cost me?

An hourly rate of $75 - $95 including GST.

This rate applies to the following types of work: 

  • Factual or surveillance investigations reports.
  • Research.
  • Evidence preparation.
  • Providing evidence in Court. 
  • Travel and ancillary expenses.
  • Vehicles – a p/km car hire rate. 
  • Other travel costs as agreed. 
  • Accommodation (where it’s cost beneficial to the client for the investigator to stay overnight). 
  • Telephone call charges - Costs to be approved by client after consultation.

Can you access a persons bank account details, tax records, drivers licence, vehicle registration details or silent telephone records?


Under Federal Privacy Laws (specifically the Privacy Act 1988) investigators do not have access to an individuals personal information held by banks and Government departments etc. What we can offer is access to the multitude of asset and person tracking databases we subscribe to that can provide some of the answers you are seeking. Many of these databases can only be accessed by private investigators and credit reporting agencies. However, There are however, many other lawful avenues of enquiry we’re able to explore for clients.

Private investigator licencing information

Do you require a licence to conduct private investigations?


All private investigation services in NSW are governed by the Commercial Agents and Private Inquiry Agents Act 2004 (NSW). 

In Queensland it’s governed by the Security Providers Act 1993.

Adept Investigations & Training Pty Ltd are licenced to undertake the following work in both New South Wales and Queensland:



Factual, surveillance investigations and process serving (including master licence)

Licence number – 411014992 (NSW) Click HERE to verify this licence on the NSW Police website.

Security Services, Classes 1A (Unarmed guard), 1B (Bodyguard) and 1C (Crowd controller) Licence number – 410262636 (NSW)



Factual and surveillance investigations

Licence number – 4020651 (QLD) Click HERE to verify this licence on the Queensland Police website database.

What types of investigations do we conduct?


  • Asset searches
  • Background checks
  • Bug Sweeps
  • Child support or custody issues
  • Corporate
  • General
  • Identity theft
  • Cheating spouse
  • Insurance matters
  • Missing persons


  • Locate persons / skip tracing
  • Process serving
  • Public record searches
  • Workers compensation
  • Wrongful death
  • Corruption
  • Due diligence
  • Executive Protection
  • Fraud


I need to interview a witness

Adept has many years of formal investigative training and are well versed in interviewing witnesses. If you need to have a witness interviewed you first need to decide what you want accomplished. Do you want the investigator to only interview a witness or to interview them and take a formal statement?

There are times when a solicitor will ask us to interview a witness and if appropriate take a statement. What this means, is the investigator meets with and interviews the witness about the facts of the case.

However if the witness does not agree to the request the investigator won’t have the opportunity to prepare a written statement. Instead notes are taken as to what the witness had to say and the information forwarded to the solicitor in the form of a report.

I need to get a statement from the defendant

If you need to obtain a statement from a defendant in a personal injury case, hiring a private investigator as soon as possible is essential. This is because the investigator will have great difficulty speaking to the defendant if they are represented by legal counsel. In most cases any discussion etc needs to be accomplished in the first week after the accident.

Another challenge in obtaining a defendant statement is that most of the time the defendant’s insurance company will advise them not to give any statements.

In most cases the defendant will present a set of facts claiming they are not at fault. In this case the job of the investigator is to identify and record the facts as precisely as possible so that there is ability for the defendant to change their story in the future after they’re possibly coached by the opposing party.

I need to investigate the scene to obtain witness statements

If you need to find witnesses to an accident the best place to start is to have a private investigator attend the scene where it happened and canvas for witnesses. We’re skilled at not being obtrusive and know how to put potential witnesses at ease.

It is important to locate witnesses as soon as possible after the accident since memories quickly fade and people often move residence. The best time to complete the task is usually on the same day of the week and at the same time of day as when the accident occurred.

We keep a log of all the places and times where witnesses are canvassed. This will help if a need arises to follow up or re-canvas for additional witnesses.

If possible the investigator will immediately take a statement from a witness while in the field however if this is not practical, they’llobtain contact information and make arrangements for a statement in the future.

I need to ascertain whether a witness is lying

If you need to find out if a witness is lying start by hiring an experienced private investigator to conduct the interview. Highly trained investigators are able to act as disinterested parties just trying to uncover facts. This can put the witness at ease and make them more likely to cooperate.

In some cases, a witness may be lying because they have some unknown relationship with the opposing party. In these circumstances it’s advisable to obtain a recorded witness statement. If the witness is lying the skilled investigator can eventually locate weak points in their evidence and have them elaborate on these details.

Rarely will the witness giving false evidence admit it. What the investigator does in a recorded statement is have them verify their fictitious assertions and hopefully there will be aspects of this evidence that will not agree with the facts.

Surveillance investigations

Will anyone else besides me know the investigation is being undertaken?


All client dealings are strictly private and confidential.

So I need someone surveilled. What next?

Call or email us in the first instance for a free no obligation discussion.

If we believe you are wasting your money, we’ll tell you, and recommend you obtain a second opinion. If the method of surveillance you require is illegal, (like vehicle GPS tracking) we’ll also advise you of that as well. Further information, including the legislation covering these methods of investigation are noted HERE. There are some instances where the above investigation method is legal and we will discuss these with you at the time you contact us.

If I decide to proceed with surveillance of a person what information do I need to provide your office?

Once we have obtained your written instructions you will be provided with a “profiling document” where you can complete details pertaining to the identity of the person, their residence, vehicle and work details. Provide as much detail as possible. We don’t charge for every piece of paper we receive, just an hourly rate, travel and phone expenses.

Can I come with you when you undertake surveillance?


Private Investigators are required to be licenced and it is an offence to undertake the work of a Private Investigator if you are not licenced. There are also safety considerations both for the investigator and client.

No one would appreciate being surveilled.

A person in this situation could become violent if they became aware they’re being investigated. Identification of the person being surveilled is provided to our office by completing the profiling document, and the provision of photos/video by the client.

The person surveilled goes to dinner, a pub, catches a taxi etc? What then?

Experience has shown that if a person being surveilled attends a dinner or other function, the best place to surveil them is from inside the venue.

If you want the best evidence the investigator will also need to be there and we have the latest equipment to obtain video footage in 4K HD format inside the venue without arousing suspicion. The meal cost (of which is kept to a minimum) and a non-alcoholic drink is chargeable to the client. Receipts are forwarded for this expenditure. 

If the person being surveilled does something unexpected (like go to an airport and catch a flight), or drive up a motorway for more than 15 minutes, you are contacted to obtain further instructions so you can either discontinue the surveillance, or authorise the additional expenditure required to complete the task. 

If the person catches a taxi, then if the investigator is following on foot, they will need to follow in another taxi if possible and the cost is chargeable to the client. In these instances, it is not possible to contact the client prior to the journey. If the person catches a taxi and the investigator is following in another vehicle, only the cost of the kms is added to the initial cost. 

In nearly all circumstances where the client will incur additional charges, they are contacted prior to the expense being incurred. It’s therefore important the client is contactable at all times during the period of surveillance.

Bug sweeps / GPS tracking

Can you bug my telephone so I can record conversations or listen to them remotely?


The placing of listening devices either on telephones or in rooms is illegal and heavy fines and gaol terms apply .

Section 7 of the Listening Devices Act 2007 (NSW) details what a person can and cannot do in regards to recording a private conversation. 

You can click HERE for a link to the NSW legislation covering listening devices.

I think my house or office is bugged. Can you find listening devices(bugs)?


We provide a listening device detection service.

If you bellieve you have a bug at your property, our equipment will locate it. It is recommended if you believe you’re being bugged, don’t call our office or anyone else from that location until you can allay your concerns.

Investigation reports

Will I receive a written report?

Depending on your budget or requirements you may not require a written report, just photographic evidence. This is a decision for the client and will save you money if you just require photos of a meeting etc to confirm your suspicions.

In most cases, yes, you will receive a complete report outlining the task, evidence obtained, and the HD photo’s / HD video. It is the client that decides the detail required in the report.

Is the report admissible in Court as evidence?

Generally, yes.

Our reports are often submitted as evidence in Courts. We may be required to provide an Affidavit outlining the processes involved in gathering evidence which may be annexed to the Affidavit. Sometimes we will be required to attend court and the usual hourly rate and travel costs will apply.

What we will guarantee is that your concerns are handled with the strictest confidence and highest level of professionalism and comply with all legal requirements, ensuring (if required) the evidence obtained is admissible in Court.


Payment information, terms and options

How do I know how much it is going to cost?

When information has been obtained from you regarding the amount of time you would like allocated to your task, you will be provided an estimate of the cost via email.

Will I have to pay anything up front?

A deposit is required prior to the commencement of any task. All our rates are outlined in the email forwarded to you. You will need to sign each page and return the document to our office prior to the commencement of the task.

Depending on the duration of the task, you can be invoiced either daily or weekly. You can also set a “spend limit”. The final report will not be provided to the client until payment of any outstanding invoice.

All invoices are payable within seven days.

Can I pay by credit card?


We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX*, Paypal*, Direct Debit and cheques.

* A 3% surcharge applies to payments via AMEX and 4% via Paypal.

If I do not get the results I want do I still have to pay?


What you are paying us for is our expertise and equipment in order to achieve the outcome you desire.


Surveillance investigations:

Surveillance is not an exact science. We’ve had people under surveillance where results were achieved in the first 30 minutes of an investigation, and others where the person went nowhere for a whole day. What the person being surveilled does is not within our control.

Can you guarantee I will get the results I want?


It’s not possible to guarantee the outcome of any investigation.