Code of Conduct – Core Principals


To adhere to all agreed investigation timetables unless subsequent changes are approved by the client. For example, if we say we’ll phone the client at a pre-arranged time or day it will occur at or prior to the agreed time.

To confirm in writing the clients requirements, fully detailing the task prior to any work being initiated.

To provide a detailed investigation plan if the task is more complex in nature (or requested in writing).

To provide the client with an investigation that will assist in achieving the optimum outcome at the least cost.

To request an email or SMS authority from the client before they incur additional expenses not originally agreed upon. Those expenses will not be passed onto the client unless:

  • the expenditure was necessary,
  • there was insufficient time (or the client was not contactable) to obtain written approval, and;
  • the expenditure was under $200. All unplanned expenditure over $200 will require written approval and/or prepayment dependant on the type of expenditure.

Please note this written authority requirement can be waived by the client if requested, again in writing.

To act professionally and in accordance with the laws of each Australian State, and Federal law applicable to the investigation.

To not disclose the identity of the client to any party without a pre-approved written authority (unless required to under Australian law. E.G. we are required to provide information under the authority of a legally issued search warrant).